Over 16000 drivers in Dubai fined in 3 months for using phone

More than 16,000 motorists were fined by Dubai Police for using phones while driving in the first three months this year.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of traffic department in Dubai Police, said on Monday that the motorists using phones when driving are “paralysing their brain” and can cause deadly accidents.

“Using a mobile phone while driving can distract motorists and impact their reflexes when facing an emergency situation. Recently, many motorists were found reading their social media accounts or texting while driving, endangering the lives of other road users,” Brig Al Mazroui said.

Dubai Police fined motorists involved in 16,099 cases of using phones while driving. Last year, a total of 16,393 offences were registered during the same period. The total number of fines issued during 2016 stood at 60,364.

The fine for using the phone while driving is currently Dh200 and four black points, but under new regulations that come into effect on July 1, using a phone, applying makeup or eating while driving will invite a Dh800 fine and four black points.

“It’s a matter of serious negligence when a motorist gets busy with the phone, especially on highways. We spotted many drivers watching videos when driving. Motorists should follow traffic instructions and stop the vehicle if they feel the need to check their phones, or monitor Facebook updates,” Brig Al Mazroui said.

Dubai Police plans to launch campaigns for texting and driving and will have more patrols to crack down motorists who commit the offence.


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