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8 unique things in Dubai, away from the hype

8 unique things in Dubai, away from the hype

Away from your regular trip to the mall and movie night, Dubai is a city that can offer diverse underground activities.

Here are some places in Dubai that are worth trying:

1. Al Qudra Lake

Located in Saih Al Salam desert and Bab Al Shams, Al Qudra Lake is comprised of many splendid man-made lakes. It is home to a diverse group of geese, ducks, swans, and over 130 other bird species.

It is a great place for family picnics, bike rentals, wildlife observation, and of course, camping.

At sunset, it transforms into a spot that’s perfect for barbecues and games. So, gather a few friends, stock up on firewood, and enjoy the sounds of the fire and laughter.

2. Al Maha Resort

If you’re looking for a private and relaxing getaway then Al Maha Desert Resort is definitely the place for you.

One of this resort’s many plus points is that guests often get to see desert animals, like gazelles, oryxes, and falcons roaming freely.

3. Karak

Daily coffee consumers know the pain of spending half their salary on the energizing portion, but for only two dirhams a cup, Karak offers some of the best coffee in town without breaking the bank! 

You can find Karak in Al Ismaily Cafeteria in Bur Dubai, Modern Cafeteria in Hor Al Anz, Dar Malik Al Karak in Sharjah, and Al-Farwaniya Cafeteria in Jumeirah.

4. Burj Park

Located in Downtown Dubai, Burj Park is one of the many spots where your pooch can enjoy a walk and make new friends.

A spectacular view of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain are a great bonus!

5. Bu Qtair

If you’re looking for glitz and glamor this probably isn’t the place for you.

Bu Qtair is one of Dubai’s hidden gems; humble, generous, homey, with a weekend backyard BBQ. Located at Umm Suqeim, this fish shack offers two local fish dishes: Hamour or Sherif.

Prawns are also on the menu!

Be sure to get there as early as possible though, or you will be stuck waiting in a long queue. It’s open daily from 11.30 am to 11.30 pm.

6. Learn about the history of coffee

Dubai’s Coffee Museum, located at Al Fahidi Historical District, is a café, shop, and cultural experience all at once.

There, you can taste different types of coffees, learn about their origin, the tools used to roast and brew them, as well as the various cultures associated with each and every style.

If you’re interested in mastering the art of making your own coffee at home, you will find all sorts of books on everything from home-roasting to coffee recipes.

7. XVA Art Hotel

If there’s one thing Dubai is not short of it’s hotels, but XVA Art Hotel is definitely in a league of its own.

Located in the heart of Al Fahidi Historical District, XVA Art Hotel was once a home, which was later on turned into a  boutique hotel with 14 rooms and an award-winning vegetarian restaurant.

It is the perfect place to escape the chaotic summer season. The hotel is also home to the XVA Cafe, one of Gordon Ramsay’s favorite spots in Dubai – and we all know how hard he is to please.

8. Cinema Akil

This independent film theater, located at Alserkal Avenue, holds screenings for many classical and modern films that are probably on your must-watch list.

Cinema Akil has got it all; the only difference is that it has less CGI flicks and more cultural and artistic movies.


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