Build more automated parking facilities in Dubai, say experts

Automation of parking along with increasing the use of ride-hail services and autonomous vehicles could ease Dubai ’s parking woes, experts at a two-day conference said.

Like most big cities in the world, Dubai faces an acute shortage of parking spaces in many commercial and residential districts. The issue is not restricted to central business districts of Deira and Bur Dubai anymore, but newer areas like Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers also face severe congestions.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), while managing paid parking spaces divided into 69 zones, is also aggressively promoting the use public transport as a solution to ease congestion.

However, experts feel an effective solution to the problem could be multi-pronged, which includes use of technology, legislation that encourages ride sharing as well as introducing economic incentives for not using personal cars.

“There is no one fix for the problem. The issue could be sorted through three strategies: we need to have government regulation that encourages people to used shared transportation like Uber and Careem, which is happening right now, then there has to be economic incentives for people to not driving their own cars and then comes the utilisation of technology like autonomous vehicles which again Dubai is investing on as well as automation of parking spaces,” said Rik Goodwin, chief operating officer of Fybr, a US-based firm that offers smart parking and traffic management solutions.


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