This Dubai hotel has a ladies-only floor

Solo female travellers, leave your worries behind. This hotel in Dubai has an entire floor dedicated to ladies.

Dukes Hotel that recently opened in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, features a ladies-only floor where services are tailored for female travellers.

Managing Director Debrah Dhugga explained the idea behind this unique concept, “When I look around Dubai and think about where I would want to stay as a solo female traveller, there are many family hotels and resorts. There are some of the most glamorous hotels in the world, but there’s nothing that’s just dedicated to a female traveller. So we saw a gap in the market and that was something we really wanted to capture.”

Being a frequent solo traveller for the last 20 years, Dhugga feels that a lot of bedrooms are more aligned towards male travellers and they miss the ‘fluffy bits’ that many ladies desire. “When travelling alone, I get really frustrated if I can’t dry my hair in the room or if I have to sit on the floor to dry my hair,” she added.

Security is another concern for most solo female travellers. “The entire floor is serviced by only female staff. So when you know that only a lady will come to your room to serve you, it gives you a sense of extra comfort and security,” Dhugga said.

In addition, there’s also a ladies-only breakfast lounge that remains open until noon.

Her message for solo female travellers: “You must believe in yourself and feel confident. By offering these facilities, such as we are in Dukes Dubai, it’s an extra added benefit to encourage more women to succeed in their careers.”


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