These Dubai roads are closed for maintenance

Different sections of Naif Road, one of the most congested streets in the city and part of Deira commercial district, will be closed over the next four weeks for maintenance, the Roads and Transport Authority has announced.

Entry to Naif Road from Burj Nahar intersection (Deira Eid Musallah) has already been closed and traffic has been diverted to the eastern and western sections of Omar Bin Al Khattab Street.

The RTA announced that it is carrying out periodic preventive maintenance works on the asphalt layer of Naif Road, and work on relaying the asphalt has already begun.

According to the RTA, the first phase of the project will see the full closure of Naif Road in the direction from Omar Bin Al Khattab Street towards Al Musallah Street till July 22.

Motorists heading to the affected section of the Naif Road from the Burj Nahar intersection can use Street 45 from Omar Bin Al Khattab Street to visit any place in Al Murrar area which is adjacent to Naif Road.

Street 45 also leads the traffic all the way back to the other side of the Naif Road heading to the direction of Eid Musallah.

Residents or people heading to their workplaces can use parallel streets which remain open.

For those looking to exit the Naif Road from Al Murrar area can use the exit point provided from Street 20 near Khalid Mosque.

Those looking to reach Naif souq and adjoining areas from either Deira or Bur Dubai can use Al Khaleej Street and take left turn from Hyatt Regency junction (coming from Deira) or right turn (coming from Bur Dubai or Al Ras).

In the second phase, which begins on July 23, the road will be closed from Al Musallah Street towards Omar Bin Al Khattab Street.

Understandably, the diversion has added to the congestion on other roads in the vicinity including Al Khaleej Road, Al Musallah Road and Omar Bin Al Khattab Road.

Bus route

From July 8, the RTA also made changes to the bus routes that serve Naif Road, providing circular routes.

All buses serving commuters at bus stops of Naif Junction (1) and Burj Nahar Junction (2) have been suspended and a temporary alternative circular bus service has been introduced until the completion of maintenance works on the Naif road.

The Circular Bus Route will start from the Union Metro Station, pass through Naif Park, Naif Junction (1), Burj Nahar Junction (1), and Al Nakhal Stop before heading back to the Union Metro Station.

Bus commuters can use temporary alternative routes from the Union Metro Station to travel to their various destinations. The temporary service would run at 15-minute intervals throughout the day. All affected routes and stops would not be served during the closure of Naif Road for maintenance.

According to RTA, maintenance work will be completed by August 5 when the road will open to full capacity.

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