Dubai Safari nears completion

Eng. Hussein Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, has inspected the Dubai Safari project, which is nearing completion. The project is being constructed by the Municipality in Al Warqa-5.

The visit was aimed at reviewing the progress of work and finishing touches that are going on, in addition to checking the technical support required in the park such as electric cars, buses and the train for transporting tourists between the different sections of the park.

Lootah was briefed on the work progress in the different sections of the project and its designs and stages of implementation, which is about to complete within the next few months.

Dubai Safari is considered to be a unique project that Dubai Municipality is keen to develop in an environment-friendly manner with a variety of facilities. The Dubai Safari is spread over 119 hectares, of which 80 hectares are dedicated for the villages representing different regions of the world and 35 hectares for the Open Safari village.

The project aims to create the best habitat for the wildlife in the world, providing different environments that suit with various animals. It is also aimed at attracting visitors from various parts of the world, using modern interactive methods for viewing and movement to ensure a distinctive and unique experience for visitors. While ensuring that the entertainment elements are in place, all safety requirements in accordance with international standards have also been taken into account.

The project consists of a number of key villages, namely: Asian village, African village and the Open Safari Village, in addition to a Valley and Children’s Park. Each section of the park is built on the authentic environment of its character, in terms of facilities, restaurants, umbrellas and animal shelters, so that it characterises the diversity of population and the different environments, providing fun and change throughout the course of the visitors.

The valley, supported by solar-power, has been set up at an area of 7.5 hectares, which includes a waterfall, a stream and a lake for fish, in addition to wooden bridges to connect the two sides of the valley.

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