Dubai tourist mistakes this police station for a hotel

Charmed by the state-of-the-art glass covered building, an Arab tourist approached Al Muraqqabat Police Station thinking it was a hotel. He wanted to book two rooms for a month when a cop has politely told him: “Sorry sir, this is not a hotel; this is a police station,” to the surprise of the man.

The tourist, accompanied by his wife, had arrived in Dubai to spend the summer vacation in the emirate, according to a report by the Arabic daily, Al Ittihad.

The tourist was astonished to see the swankiness of a police station and was surprised by the structure, surrounded by green landscape. His surprise was cut short when cops helped him find a hotel.

In comments to the incident, Ali Ibrahim Al Falasi, general coordinator for the quality offices at Dubai Police, said that this incident confirmed the changing prototype image of the police stations. “The oasis-like green lush with colourful flowers spread positivity among police officers as well as breathe happiness in the lobbies and offices.”

“Big changes have taken place in the Dubai Police Headquarters for creating a positive work environment that encourage police personnel to feel happy while discharging their duties,” said Sheikh Mohammed Al Mulla, director of total quality at Dubai Police. “Police officers feel happy and relaxed, and in turn, visitors and customers will not feel scared while communicating with them.”

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